2017-09-26 20:58:45

European Day of Languages 2017

The European Day of Languages is celebrated on 26 September, as proclaimed by the Council of Europe on 6 December 2001, at the very end of the European Year of Languages (2001), which had been organised by the Council of Europe and the European Union. Its main goal is to encourage language learning across Europe.


♦alert the public to the importance of language learning as well as  intercultural understanding

♦promote linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe

♦encourage lifelong language learning in and out of school

We celebrate the European Day of Languages regularly at our school in Moravice by making posters, flags, presenting food from different countries, having recitations, etc.

But this year we opted for something different. There was a quiz organized at our school for the first time. The quiz Talk to me! consisted of 30 questions with four possible answers and all the questions had something to do with Europe. It was based on the notorious Who wants to be a Millionaire quiz. The music within the slides was from that quiz as well.

There were two teams of four students who competed against each other. The seven graders vs the eight graders. Each team had a buzzer of a different sound so that the judges can decipher which team pressed the buzzer first. It was 'First come, first served' way of answering. The faster team got a chance to answer first. In case of a wrong answer, the second team got a chance to win a point. There were questions to which none of the teams managed to give a correct answer, so the judges asked the audience consisted of all the students from the 5th to the 8th class to give a try. They did. And they managed to answer those questions! Well done!


Want to try­? Why not?!


Who is the longest reigning European monarch?

How do you say 'red wine' in Spanish?

And 'Yes' in Polish?

How many countries are there in Europe?

What nationality is Pope Benedict XVI?

Who gave voice to Puss in Boots in 'Shrek'?


Not that easy, isn't it? But it's worth a try.


There were two judges who monitored the buzzers, decided whether the given answers were correct or not and in the end summed all the correct answers to get the final score to pronounce the winning team.


This time the 8th graders were more successful than the 7th graders who weren't bad at all. The next year is definitely going to be theirs!


At the end of the quiz, the team who came second got silver medals specially made for the occasion and the certificates while the winners got gold medals and certificates as well.


Students had fun. They tested their knowledge. They learnt new things. And they made their English teacher so proud!


Wherever you go….whatever you do…just remember…


You are worth as many languages you speak!

Osnovna škola Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko