2019-05-24 18:31:00

Taking part in the Language magic manifestation

On Friday, 24th May 2019 the five pupils from the Nikola Tesla Branh School Moravice participated in the manifestation Language magic ( or in Croatian Jezična čarolija). The goal of the manifestation was to highlight the importance of the foreign language taught at our school (English, German, Russian, Slovenian) so the pupils from both our school (Moravice, Vrbovsko, Severin na Kupi, Lukovdol, Veliki Jadrč and Gomirje) as well as Primary school Dr Branimir Markovic from Ravna Gora and Primary school Vinica from Vinica (Sovenia) presented themelves in all the lanaguages mentioned. There were plays, recitations, dancing, singing, TPR and much more. The pupils from Moravice read their poems about the river. Why are their poems so special? It's because they are the authors. Yes, that's right! They themselves wrote the poems and then they translated them into English. So, to be honest, we can call them the genuine poets! They are Aleksandra Ninković (5th class), Ozren Mrvoš (6th class), Maja Milošević (7th class), Ema Konjević (8th class) and Ema Lešnjaković (8th class).

Congratulations to all the participants but... 

a very special Thank you goes to my Magnificiant Five. heart

Thank you for putting up with me and my funny ideas! Thank you for writing those amazing poems....and for every draft you needed to do to achieve the excellence...Thank you for every zero period you came early just to read the poems...over and over again...Thank you for being as wonderful as you are! I'm so very proud of you all!


Special thank you goes to teacher Valentina Vukadinović who allowed us to use her original photograhs of the Dobra river taken in the Kamačnik canyon.

Osnovna škola Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko