2019-07-01 21:20:00

Four Seasons of Moravice became reality!

On Monday 1 July 2019 the second set of postcards was presented to the public. The set was inspired by the seasons in Moravice because Moravice is equally beautiful and breath-taking in every time of the year. The postcards are based on photographs by Natalija Dokmanović. The design and graphical editing were done by Nebojša Petrović while teacher Željka Vrcelj gave an inspiring review of Natalija's two former exhibitions that she mentored. Teacher Davorka Nekić moderated the whole promotion but also worked, together with Natalija and Nebojša, on the design of the postcards. They were printed by Grafis d.o.o. from Split and they added a white border around them which may symbolize the whitene4ss of the Moravice snow or the clarity of the Dobra river. Natalija had a little help during her presentations. Four little season fairies helped her -  Ana Lešnjaković from Class 2, Lorena Soldat from Class 2, Tamara Kljaić from Class 3 and Petra Rebić, also from Class 3.

If you are interested in the postcards, feel free to come to Nikola Tesla Branch school in Moravice. The postcards will be waiting for you! But hurry! There are less and less of them each day. :-)


Osnovna škola Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko