2019-10-07 15:14:00

A mini project by the 5th graders: A new computer game

The 5th class pupils got an assignment to invent/create and design their own computer game since the family from their textbook is full of interesting jobs and hobbies (one of them being game development). Their assignment was to design the logo, name the game, name the characters in the game, describe the game in details as well as to state who is the target audience. They presented their game to the rest of the class and the teacher and they had to be careful about many things such as the eye contact, clarity and loudness, the use of the target vocabulary as well as the correct grammatical structures. The pupils themselves assessed the computer games by using a sheet of paper with earlier defined rubrics which you can find attached to this piece of news.

They did an amazing job and got high marks from their peers as well as the teacher.

Thumb up!

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