2020-01-13 20:48:00

Irish legends, a mini project by the 6th class students

The 6th class students did an Irish legend titled Finn MacCool. That legends was an inspiration for the mini project they did afterwards. Each of them had to choose one Irish legend and retell it to the rest of the class and the teacher. Since Ireland is famous for its folklore and legends (among many other things), they had a pile of beautiful legends to choose from. They chose The legend of King Lir, Pooka, Banshee, Hero Cuchulainn, The legend of an owl and The legend of the harp.They had to visually present the chosen legend which they did in a form of a comic, or a booklet or even a mini posters. So, they had their own visual aids. The mini project was based on that and their presentation skills. They were a bit nervous because it's not easy to stand in front of the class and retell anything in English.

But they did it!

Osnovna škola Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko