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8th class project: Their own self-created eletronical gadgets

They have been asked by their English teacher to design and name a new electronic gadget. They needed to write what exactly their gadgets do and who would like them and, of course, why. With their English teacher there's always a why.

So Damian invented Hoverboard for easier transportation while Ivan invented Hoverbike for similar purpose. Sretan invented EHP (if you wonder what that might be, please contact Sretan) and Ema K. Pink stick for creating virtual reality. Ema L. combined two very popular applications into one that would be a great hit among the teens. Luka created Robo Friend that helps children at school and in their free time while Teodor made a special set of earphones for all the music lovers out there. David likes his cousins Morana and Ema K. a lot so he invented Mind-Rolls just for them. They are driven by your mind. Cool, isn't it?

Great job, 8th graders!

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5th graders did it! My house - their very first project in English

The 5th class students got an interesting project to do. Since we learnt all about the rooms of the house as well as furniture in those rooms, they had to make their own houses with those rooms and accompanying furniture. The choice of material for making the house was all up to them. They used carton, paper, plastic, toilet paper, egg boxes, aluminum foil, tissues, plastic cups...and they did an amazing job! Not only in making the houses but also in presenting them in front of their peers.


Well done, fifth graders! Your houses deserve a place just for them along our school corridors! Bravo!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 16. 1. 2019. 17:26

Back to school - 2nd semester

Dear pupils,

I hope you had a great winter break and that you are fully ready to plunge into the new semester!

Let the games begin!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 14. 1. 2019. 21:06

Happy holidays!

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Christmas show 2018

On December 18th, 2018 there was an amazing Christmas show in Nikola Tesla Branch school in Moravice. The hosts were Doris Klaić (4th class) and Petra Rebić (3rd class). There were recitations, short role-plays and songs. You could hear Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian. Petra Rebić and Tamara Kljaić from the 3rd class gave a great recitation in Serbian while the 5th class students Dajana Jakšić, Zorana Nikšić and Vanja Vučinić did the same but in Slovenian. The 5th class students sang 'Seranada' accompanied by teacher Zlatko Baraba on the accordion while the 7th class students (girls and a boylaugh) performed a song titled 'Budi uvijek nasmijan' from the album Vrbovsko u srcu mom, a  masterpiece by one and only Zlatko Baraba.

The whole show was followed by an exhibiton of students' Christmas craftwork which you could buy and in that way support a great cause - the school in Africa.

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 18. 12. 2018. 16:17

Christmas owls

The 7th graders used clay to make their own Xmas owls. They used a glass to get a clay circle which is the base for the owl. Then they used half of the glass to form owl's wings. They used the top part of a pencil/pen to carve the eyes and the feathers.

When the clay dried (after approximately 24 hours), they sprayed the owls with a gold and silver spray and added some powder glitter on the top. They also used glitter glue for more decoration.

In the end, the owls got a magnet on the back side which turned ordinary owls into a very special glittery Xmas magnet owls. Wow!

Have an owly joyful Christmas!


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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 18. 12. 2018. 16:00

Mr Grinch workshop Vijest ima dokument u privitku

The 4th graders had a blast creating their own hand-made Mr Grinch. Are you wondering how they did it?

Let's go...step by step!

1 Take a coloured cardboard.

2 Glue the border with a Christmas patterned tape.

3 Colour your palm in green and red using the acrylic colours (bottom part is green and the fingers are red).

4 Sprinkle it with red and green glitter.

5 Glue a white pompom as a top of the Grinch' hat.

6 Glue the cotton as a lower part of Grinch's hat.

7 Glue a black pompon as a nose.

8 Draw Grinch's mouth using the black colour.

9 Make a snowflake using a glitter glue and powder glitter.

10 Write your Christmas message.

Try it! You'll have a blast, too!

Have yourself a Grinch little Christmas!

And a Happy New year, too!


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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 18. 12. 2018. 10:52

Season Greetings from the 7th graders!

To all the people of good will and joy in their hearts, the 7th graders wish all the best for the upcoming holidays!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 18. 12. 2018. 10:47

Saint Nicholas Day

On December 6th people Catholics around the world celebrate Saint Nicholas Day. It's the most joyful day for the children because they spend the evening before that day preparing their little boots so Saint Nick could put their presents inside them. They go to bed and eagerly wait for the morning to come so they can see what awaits them.

Since the 7th class students have been good this year, their form teacher took a role of class Saint Nick and gave them a little something  - personalized boots made of moosegummi with their names on them and a big chocolate Saint Nicholas.

Happy Saint Nicholas' Day to all!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 6. 12. 2018. 14:39

Meeting Maja Klarić

On December 4th  we were cordially invited to our neighbouring secondary school - Railway Technical school to meet Maja Klarić, famous Croatian poet-traveller. Maja Klarić was born in Šibenik where she finished primary and secondary school after which she moved to the capital where she graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies. She holds a degree in the English language and literature as well as the comparative literature. She started writing poetry almost 10 years ago. Like many young artists, she also sent her poems to many contests and luckily for her, the Trieste contest was a winner. For the first time, she got a chance to meet poets from different sides of the worlds. Today, she has got several published collections of traveller's poetry for which she is well-known in our homeland.

She talked about her travelling, both physical as well as psychological (travelling deep into yourself). 2013 was a very difficult year for her considering she had lost her sister Dijana that year so the first voyage after that was like a grey zone to Maja - neither too good nor too bad. Somewhere in between.

She also read some of her poems, one of which is in the primary school students' book for the Croatian language.

Maja is looking forward to new voyages, new poems, new friends. We wish her the best of luck in her travels.

We would also like to thank teacher Željka Vrcelj for inviting us to come to the Railway Technical school and meet Maja. It was a privilege to meet her and that experience certainly enriched us all.

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 4. 12. 2018. 17:34

Decorating Xmas tree

The 7th graders are in the Christmas spirit. They have been in the Xmas mood till the very beginning of December. They are spreading the Xmas spirit, love and joy to everyone!

This year we talked about Xmas traditions in the UK and the USA and compared all those tradions to the Croatian ones. On St Lucy's day we plant seeds of wheat and hope they'll grow strong and green to make the upcoming year a prosperous one. On Xmas Eve we decorate our trees with balls of differents sizes and shapes. We also put Xmas lights on and on the top we usually put a star or an angel. 

After learning all those fun facts about Christmastime here and abroad, we decided to get our own tree and decorate it as we like it. We also decorated the windows using the snow spray and paper patterns with snowmen, Santa, snowflakes, etc.

To make things even more joyful, we took photos of us with pop ups and our teacher made Xmas cards with those photos.

Our greatest wish this year is to become even better and more supportive towards each other. But, all in all, we're the best there are!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 3. 12. 2018. 20:49

Infogamer by ReBoot

On November 21st, all the students from classes 5 to 8, together with their form teacxhers went to Zagreb to visit Infogamer by Reboot. Fow those of you who don't know - Infogamer is one of the biggest gaming fairs and festivals in the whole world. This year it was its 7th edition in Croatia.

The students were thrilled to see all the latest games as well as to get a chance to play try them out. 

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 21. 11. 2018. 20:19

Remembering the sacrifice of Vukovar

The battle in Vukovar was the greatest battle of all during the Homeland war. The siege of the city lasted for 87 long days. Unfortunately, when it ended the city was left in ruins and many innocent lives were lost while many people left their homes and went to the unknown. In that battle between 2 900 and 3 600 people lost their lives. The city of Vukovar lost the battle against the fierce enemy on November 18th, 1991.

The loss of Vukovar presented and still presents the greatest loss for our homeland. It was only in 1998 when we took Vukovar back from the enemies. That was a great victory for the Croatian army and the Croatian people which helped us in our struggle for independence. 

There were many poems written about the city, many songs recorded, many films as that people can always remember the sufferings of people there, the sufferings of the City itself.

Although many years had passed, people need to remember Vukovar, show their respect for the sacrifice of the city and its inhabitants, the courage they had during the siege, the strength that found in themselves to carry on.

Let us remind you of the words of Siniša Glavašević:

'A grad, za nj ne brinite, on je sve vrijeme bio u vama.

Samo skriven.

Da ga krvnik ne nađe.

Grad – to ste vi’

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2018 Tie Day

18th October is considered to be the Tie Day. It has been celebrated since 18th October 2003 when the Pula Amphitheatre was tied with a big red tie, a masterpiece installation by Mr Marijan Bušić. From 2008 the Tie Day has been declared as a special day to be celebrated in the Republic of Croatia.

A tie (from the French word 'croata') is considered to be an original Croatian product for which our homeland is known worldwide.

We marked this day as well at our school by wearing ties of different sizes and colours.


No matter how big or small we are, we wore our ties with great pride!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 18. 10. 2018. 20:24

Day of bread and fruits of the land

On October 16th the students and the teachers of the Nikola Tesla Primary school opened an exhibition dedicated to the Day of the bread and fruits of the land showing all the natural beauty of the Gorski kotar land presented through corns, nuts, potatoes, apples, peppers, lettuce, quinces, and so on.

The younger students recited several poems about our daily bread and the fruits that the land has to offer.

The theme of this year's exhibition was "The dishes of our elders", so many students wrote their grandmothers' recipes with some traditional meals, especially those with apples.


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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 16. 10. 2018. 13:25

2018 International Peace Day

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed all around the world on 21 September.  It is dedicated to preserving and promoting peace. It is also known as World Peace Day. It was first celebrated in 1982 and it is kept to this day by many nations, political groups, etc.

To inaugurate this day, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at UN Headquarters The bell itself is very symbolic because it is cast from coins donated by children from all continents except for Africa and was a gift from the United Nations Association of Japan, as "a reminder of the human cost of war". There's an inscription on its side which reads, "Long live absolute world peace".

The General Assembly has declared 21 September as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within as well as among all the nations and people all over the world.


We all need to strive for a peaceful society because the peaceful society is the one which promotes justice and equality for everyone regardless of race, religion or gender.

This 2018 topic is the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which is a milestone document in the history of human rights. The Declaration was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations.

The Universal Declaration, the most translated document in the world, is as relevant today as it was on the day that it was adopted.

“It is time all nations and all people live up to the words of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which recognizes the inherent dignity and equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human race. This year marks the 70th anniversary of that landmark document.”, says Secretary-General António Guterres.

The first, the second and the third graders decided to rpomote the world peace in the way closest to them - by colouring different pictures denoting peace and treating each other kindly and respectfull beacuse each and every of them deserves to be treated respectfully and equally.

Peace connects us!

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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 21. 9. 2018. 16:59

Let's do some sports! Happy Croatian Olympic Day!

September 10 is a very important day because on that day the Croatian Olympic Day is celebrated. Why on this date you may ask yourselves. It's simple! It's because on this day the Croatian Olympic Committee was founded.

The Croatian Olympic Day promotes the importance of doing any sports activity as well as the principles of the Olympic excellence in any field together with understanding, peace, and solidarity of all the people as the guidelines of the Olympic unity.

This day includes all sorts of sports activities from kindergartens to schools, universities, local communities, etc.

The outer feature of the day is the white shirt which symbolizes the white background on the Olympic flag on which 5 coloured circles are drawn. That whiteness with five circles on it symbolizes fair play, peace and friendship.

Today we organized sports activities for the students of the lower as well as upper classes. All the students got a chance to participate and try a different activity from jumping in pairs with inner legs of the partners connected with a tread...or cross...or even trying to carry a little ball in a spoon which had to be carried in the mouth. Maybe it sounds easy to do...but it's not.

But the whole point is that the students spent some time outdoors doing sports activities and at the same time they were with their peers and had so much fun. So did the teachers! 


Happy Croatian Olympic Day!


Ema Konjević, 8th class



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objavio: Barbara Turk Čop  datum: 10. 9. 2018. 12:50

The new school year is here!

September 3rd announced the beginning of a yet another school year. The teachers are ready to plunge into the teaching process as well as the students who are ready to dive into the sea of knowledge. 

Let's have fun together and learn some new facts!

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The School Bell No. 6 is out! Vijest ima dokument u privitku

Dear all,

if you are interested in reading what the students of the Nikola Tesla Branch school from Moravice did this school year, you may do so by reading a school magazine in English.

You'll find it in the attachment below.

Enjoy reading!

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» Arhiva naših vijesti    

A school trip to the Plitvice Lakes

On 7 October we visited one of Crotian national parks which is also the oldest one. We had a lot of fun on the way well as on the way home...At first the weather was cloudy but it wasn't raining. However, our luck didn't last...During the second half of our sightseeing the rain started...and we hurried to the bus...Some of us got wet more than others.

Despite the weather we had the best time ever!


P.S. It was also our teacher's birthday and our present to her was a folk song wishing her to live until she's 105 and then all over again!laugh


6th class, Moravice


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