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Our recycled piece of art

The 8th class pupils did a text on the recycled art represented by artists such as Strati, Dahlsen and Wilson from which they found out what things can be used to make art. Driftwood, chewing gums, nails, toothpicks, and flip-flops are just some of them. After learning about the environmentally-friendly art they had an assignment to make their own recycled piece of art. So, Lana made Big Ben using carton, toothpicks and longer sticks, Vedran built his own plastic-carton-paper rocket ready for a blast-off while Ella made Union Jack using pasta which she coloured in red, blue and white. While Marillena made a cardboard-aluminium foil robot, Suzana and Aleksandra decided to make recycled houses by using cardboard, plastic, napkins, real branches, etc.

By doing this and creating their own eco-friendly piece of art, the 8th class pupils showed that they are really environmentally conscious and aware that our planet is ours as much as we belong to it.

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Frohe Feiertage!
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